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Target haul! Seasonal merchandise clearance!

A flagrant faux-pas was staring me in the face in one of my pictures: it just occurred to me that my mineral foundation is a touch too dark - it ruins the entire "lit from within" and eternally transient sense of youth I was going for. Sigh. 

With that, I ordered my first bareMinerals foundation (oh, I should mention, though I love bareMinerals I've only ever used the samples they give out like candy to children at JC Penney Sephoras). Even though I love my e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush, I found myself in the market again for something fresh, a new brand to experience and such.

So I headed to Target to begin my quest. And, guessing from what I've seen upon traipsing in like an innocent shopaholic, I guess spring cleaning is infectious over at drugstores and huge chain distributors: almost everything in the beauty aisles are on sale!

Brands in competition such as Revlon, CoverGirl mascaras, L'Oreal, alba botanics, Avalon Organics, Burt's Bees, Boots No. 7, J. R. Watkins apothecary goods, Champneys, pixi cosmetics (mostly seasonal palettes and eyeshadow singles), Almay shadow sticks to name a few (or a lot?!). All on clearance and discounted prices. Vacuum them up before they're gone!

As for me, I had to maneuver and snoop through the shelves to find things that weren't pried open, disturbingly "tested" (some of these brands, like Boots No. 7, have testers out on the floor! Jeezus!), or broken. There was a gorgeous russet red Sonia Kashuk powder blush that was $3 but it was damaged beyond repair (I'm kidding, I just wasn't feeling very MacGyver-y and you could easily fix broken powders in a snap!).

This is what I got!

 photo target.jpeg
This was part of a designer notebook set, but still on the shelves. Remember how I have a thing for stationery? Yup. Had to have it. And the sales associate even let me have it at a generously paltry price of $1.60+tax!

 photo target2.jpeg
From left to right: e.l.f. Studio Flirty Lash Collection kit (x2) at $1.20 each, Iman Luxury Eyeshadow in African Violet at $3.98 (originally $7.99), Maybelline New York Studio eye quad in Luminous Lights at $2.98, e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Face Brush at $6
Sally Hansen insta-Gel Strips in Walk the Catwalk for $2.68, Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow duo in Neutral Ground at $2.68 (originally $8.99)
Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Olive Suede at $1.78
Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Pointed Eyeliner Brush at $1.78
This is the aftermath of me waltzing into Target for a buffer brush.
Half of these items were dirt cheap, so even if they fall something short of sub-par (which I would doubt because I believe that Target has great beauty collaborations, and I heard from an insider that they'll be receiving shipments of more luxe items too!) I wouldn't have really taken a hit financially - but more me gaining insight and experience on a positive note. 

I'll be swatching the eyeshadows later, but for now my lovelies, I'm gonna catch some ZZZs!


 photo 4d7562ff-e290-44f8-8d46-08d40c6f77ec.jpg


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