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PROMO: Vans' Warped Tour Battle of the Bands

Get your voting on! I caught wind that two local bands are in the running for Vans' Warped Tour Battle of the Bands 18! Since I personally know both lead singers of each band, I've decided to help them out on their quest for glory and Warped Tour-dom. 

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Yes, the Warped Tour in mention is THIS Warped Tour.

A 5-man group led by Adam Elara (who looks like Vic Fuentes in a way), they just got back from a short semi-nationwide tour back in February. Though I've seen them live in January, I don't really remember what sort of genre it was (pop punk? alternative? both?), - well the description is RIGHT THERE - but take a listen! And don't forget to cast your vote!

Created by long-time friends Enoma Asowata and Fausto Padilla back in 2004, Otenki actually has a track record of playing for Vans Warped Tour (in 2005 and 2009). I guess they're in the fray again, because they're duking it out against pretty much everyone else. Vote for them here!

Good luck guys!

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