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PROMO: The 21st Annual Japanese Culture Festival at Hermann Park

The title really says it all. I'm going to miss it on the account that I'm pretty bummy today. Bum mood. Wearing bum clothes. The light burns, hiss hiss.

Otherwise it's a great day to be out and about with friends and family - if you dress up in cosplay and win their cosplay contest, you win tickets to visit Japan! Heck yeah. But boo for me, because I won't be there.

My friend Vincent who represented Nintendo of America at SXSW this last Spring Break will be volunteering at the comic convention that'll also be in cahoots with the Japanese Festival - I think it's that same comic convention that's sponsoring the airfare to Japan but I could be wrong, hey. Say hi to him when you see him (he's Luigi and his twin is Mario and you know you think that's cool)!


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