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A day in the life: 4/08/14

Two or three days I've gone without blogging (and I've done a great job of at least posting up one feature a day if I do say so myself) and I've got to apologize. Quizzically enough I'm typing this in a estuary British accent so if you're reading this in an estuary British accent I salute you with the greatest decorations. 

This might be due to the recent fact that I've been staying back at my college during the after-hours Les Miserables rehearsals so epic-ly vicious French rebel characters accompanied by strange Cockney accents (the 2012 major motion film blowover's Gavroche) are running through my brain. So strange. So if you hear me singing "DEAR COSETTE!" or "LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN UPON THEIR SOULS!" or if I bother to ask if you hear the people sing - just know. Just. Know.

I remember reading commentary about someone asking the director of the 2012 Les Miserables what made it so phenomenal and passionate and heart-gripping and wondrously ambrosial and the director replied "face close-ups" and to that I say nay. Sorry, zooming into Hugh Jackman's/Anne Hathaway's/whomever's face for a good 10 minutes during their solo is a no-no no-go

Am I in the musical? No. I'm not. But I know a good part of the score so I should be. I do know I would like to be Samantha Barker because Samantha Barker.

Now here's a great article about Marie Claire getting burned by an unfortunately stigmatized but very empowered minority about Kendall Jenner's side braids that mimics the look of an undercut. But, anyone who's been on the Internet too, too long knows J. Lo was rocking this style years and years before (celebrity-wise), and possibly someone before J. Lo and this is where the technicalities grow far too large.


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