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Beauty bites: Revlon product haul

Saturday's a really chill day for me, I just had a tumultuous last night that I'm not going into the details of... Let's just say I'm drowning out everyone with Miike Snow "Animal" remixes and The Glitch Mob's "Fortune Days", yeah?

R&R, R&R. Wid sum pizzuh rolls on da side.

HEB had a 40% off all Revlon cosmetics upheaval sale from the later half of February to late March. For all you non-Texan residents, HEB is a brand of grocery distribution stores mainly in western/southwestern/southeastern Texas. It's amazeballs. We all know Walmart ("Evil Empire") sucks and they're trying to remarket themselves as all-American (DO I HEAR AN L-O-L?) but compared to HEB, HEB is like valkyrian Valhalla with classic vanilla ice cream on top. I'm actually not too sure what that's like but it sounds like a great thing so hey. Props to you, Howard E. Butts.
Returning back to the haul: I purchased these goodies maybe... two weeks ago? 
 photo revlon.jpeg
40% off Revlon! I picked up: Revlon's Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick in Ultimate Orchid, Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Darling, their Brilliant Strength nail polish in 080 Enchant, their gel-creme liner in Blackest Black, and their ... Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation. Gross.
As you know, I love Stila's Stay All Day liquid-creme lipstick in "beso"... so getting a lovely lilac-mauve shade that complimented my skin and made me seem glowing from within at a cheaper, further discounted price was a big hit for me. I'm wearing the shade in my Blogger/Google+ profile picture at the bottom of the entire blog. The ColorStay Whipped Creme foundation smells like goat cheese and I am not lying cross my heart and swear to die. It oxidizes on your face to a deeper shade - and 150 Buff is the second lightest color they had meaning this selection is not pale-girl-friendly. Even in an all-bases-covered foundation selection, I should be the 4th or 6th color down the line in the lightest of fair-skinned bases.
Oh, and, "I could use this as a bludgeoning weapon" should not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you pick up your foundation. The glass jar packaging was not friendly in any way, working woman or stay-at-home mom or high-schooler-who's-getting-into-makeup or drag queen or guys-who-like-makeup-too REGARDLESS, it was a poor choice on Halle Berry to promote this through their televised ads. And Revlon for actually manufacturing it that way. And why does it smell like goat cheese?
AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON HOW STRANGE AND DIFFICULT THE REVLON GEL-CREME LINER IS. The built-in screw-top-pop-off-two-piece brush combo I don't even like how do I even start just no who is your product development team you should fire them???

Without further ado: The swatches are below!
 photo revlon2.jpeg
"Ultimate Orchid", "Darling", and the "Blackest Black" gel-creme liner. I personally think the liner falls short of Maybelline New York's potted gel liner which I've been loyal to for YEARS.

Out of all the drugstore brands up for offer, Milani, Revlon, and Maybelline New York are my true-blue favorites, though Maybelline New York could be thrown out of the running because of its horrible reformulation of its Dream Smooth/Matte line... ick.   
I swear Pantone (the beauty tyranny that thinks it can predict the next "it" color but it kinda doesn't really) didn't persuade me to buy lilac/pink shades that mirror "Radiant Orchid" (are we naming nail polishes or something?). Sternly speaking, purple was a big color way before Pantone ever predicted it. Hello, MAC's "Heroine" was BIG last summer, and the summer before that. Anyways... As a fair-skinned Asian with yellow and pink undertones - code for neutral - I look best in pretty much any color. I just prefer cool-toned hues because they brighten my complexion, like blues, blue-based pinks, purples, lavenders, lilacs, baby pinks, true reds and rubies, emerald greens... 

Another color I wanted was Revlon's "Primrose" Super Lustrous lipstick but I had to forgo that for Ultimate Orchid (which is drying so I do recommend lip balm underneath). What did you guys find worthy of purchasing?

 photo 4d7562ff-e290-44f8-8d46-08d40c6f77ec.jpg


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I reallly need to get makeup somehow lol. This looks fun to play with. -warmkitti

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