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A day in the life of: 4/2/14

As a currently undecided sophomore-year college student (I am so decided, whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?!) I am taking on a schedule of oddly strewn together courses. All of of them being: Voice for Theater (or as the Arts Complex calls it, "yoga class"), Advertising and Sales Promotion, Business Entrepreneurship, and Social Psychology.

Yes, this group of classes, when all their full support and effects of their curricula come together, make SO MUCH SENSE. A lot of people don't see it but hey, that's their problem. 
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Here's Thomas in pigeon pose! He's an athlete, and probably the most inflexible, inelastic person in the class. Oh, and his shoes "only" cost him $250 and they glow in the dark. Sigh.

Voice for Theater's the highlight of my Mondays and Wednesdays: it's a close-knit group of 6 students and our professor (who may or might not be a yogi but she honestly could be) who assume poses and hum loudly and make lion faces and meditate to create neutral postures and lay on foam rollers and deliver impressions, monologues, and accents. It's great

News flash! Hollister had a flash one-day only sale online, grossly but deliciously advertising 70% off their clearance - which, speaking honestly, is the only time I ever purchase anything from them. After receiving my suggestively enormous package of goodies and ripping through the process of trying all them on, I find that I don't fancy Gilly Hicks bras. Gilly Hicks is the little sister of Hollister (and subsequently Abercrombie & Fitch) and specializes in underwear basics, minus the basics and plus all the colors of the double rainbow. Aerie would be in the same competitive field, and I MUCH prefer Aerie (I also like their "real" sans-Photoshop campaign they've been throwing since New Year's) because Aerie doesn't 1) feel cheap and 2) sound cheap. I clasp my bras and THEN put them on; when I did so with the Gilly Hicks bras I got, there was this unpleasant screechy-tuggy sound coming from the bra - a tell tale sign for me, of a cheap bra (probably from polyester materials). Gilly Hicks in my humble opinion, probably puts more effort into their tapestry-handle shopping bags.

I returned the bras and exchanged/returned them at my nearest Hollister store for more goodies (hehe): a lotion that smells like gummy bears, a glittery silver T-shirt bra, another floral swim bottom for the summer season. 
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The Hollister manager and associates and I were drawing out a production of whether this smelled like gummy bears or some zebra gum from 2002. I'm going with that it smells like gummy bears. Hollister lotions and body gels are on sale for $4 in the clearance room, check it! Plus 50% - 60% athletics and last season's items.

After that I planned on leaving the mall premises but LO AND BEHOLD, Vans' Vans x The Beatle's collaboration caught my eye and suddenly I was talking to the managers Irving and Jordan for a position for their May hiring cycle. I was a shoe-in for their July hiring cycle back in 2013, but I never knew I'd gotten a callback from them until bam, voice mail message clean-out. Two weeks late to take the shot. Bad habit of mine, oops.
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We all live in a yellow submarine, and we don't even know it.

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And to be REALLY FRANK, I'd be content/hyper-excited/couldn't-contain-myself-elated if I lived in a literal yellow submarine, given I get to go on Jules Verne-esque science fiction adventures 2000 leagues under the sea and fight giant octopuses.
(One moment: The plural of octopus should be octopi but Google Chrome is telling me OCTOPI ISN'T A WORD? FOR SHAME. No one says PLATYPUSES. IT'S PLATYPI!)

Anyone who works retail can tell you RETAIL IS HELL but given the right circumstances (cough coworkers and managers cough) you can pull through. I "worked" at American Eagle my senior year of high school - if you could call it being employed - because I got a shift (4 hours) once in a while, and I can vouch for at least 5-7 shifts in total over the span of six months. One of my managers low-ball hated me but hey, no one liked her either so that's something I can shrug at! Don't work at American Eagle if you respect yourself or your time, folks.

Now that I've found a good chunk of time and some peace and quiet, I'll be answering the Otenki "KINETIC" music video shoot question I received for my "get to know the girl" questionnaire. :)


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