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Beauty bites: ULTRAFLESH Perfect Reds coffret/set

Coffret is such a posh-sounding word. Coffret
Does the meaning squeeze into the definition of what ULTRAFLESH Perfect Reds lipstick set contextualizes? Yes, yes it does. And that's why my middle school nickname was "Dictionary Diana".

As a red lip junkie (though again I'm very sold on Stila's "beso" and I'll probably mention this without faltering) I cannot pass up a good deal to try several shades of gorgeous, ironic red - especially without saying that these reds are tailor made to universally flatter anyone. ULTRAFLESH Perfect Reds was on sale on (ACW) for $14.99 not too long ago - and for high-end mini-lippies to sample and possibly have a long-lived beauty love affair with was something not to play hookie on. Oh! And they come in the classic creme/"femme fatale" formula and a modernized day-to-day sheer flush. Perfect for man or woman, cis or trans, and every gendered and non-gendered inbetween.
 photo ultraflesh.jpeg
We can discuss the bad resolution of this image later.
 photo ultraflesh2.jpeg
Less in terms of beauty products is always no bueno, but these are so handy and capable of fitting in those treacherous thumb-sized "non-pockets" and uselessly tiny cocktail purses. And personally, I've never used up a lipstick so these fun-sized lippies are just right.
 photo ultraflesh3.jpeg
Here we see my neutral (and strangely tan looking???) skintone in the works. Disclaimer: I am an NC20 in MAC foundations. The universally flattering shades are (in sheer/opaque matte): Spark, Torch, and Bonfire.

Spark is a warmer, brick red. Torch is a vibrant, orange-red. Bonfire is a blue-based red. Interestingly enough none of the three are true reds which is what I look best in. As without saying, most lipsticks that claim to be matte have a little shine to them to avoid looking patchy and un-dimensional. What I like to do, is I like to pat on matte eyeshadow - dark neutral brown, or whatever you'd like on top, maybe even translucent HD powder - to cancel out the low-res shine.  

ULTRAFLESH also has a Perfect Pinks set (I love series!) that wasn't traceable on ACW but still, Perfect Reds. I eat shades of red, I do, and I shouldn't have to explain myself to you (if you get the Marceline references, much kudos to you!)~


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