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A day in the life of: Otenki

Hi lovelies! The question I'll be answering from my "get to know the girl" questionnaire today is:

What was your favorite thing during the "KINETIC" shoot?
This needed its own feature post because it's one heckle of a story-line explanation to how I'm going to answer this. Gather around, children, for I shall weave visions in your young, bright minds.

I "bumped" into German Alexander (his stage persona, his real name is German Hernandez), the lead singer of the local Houston band Otenki while basking in the melodic alternative-rock symphonies of Minus the Bear - whom I have been an avid fan of (mainly because Dave Knudson is my homedog skillet biscuit main squeeze massive-delay-pedal-usin' guitarist and you will never know true fandom girlishness until you hear me go on raving tangents about how I adore this fellow) since their peak of popularity in 2006/2007. German works at House of Blues downtown, and so does my friend Garrett Turney, who's also in the local Houston band Color Chemistry (they did a show together). Stupid me wore high-heel platform boots to the HOB Minus the Bear concert back in September and so I constantly accessed the elevator to wander the first and balcony floors to catch some R&R during set changes and intermissions. This is how I got to know German - he ran the elevator. And naturally, we're both chatty and personable so push comes to shove: a month later Otenki altogether attended an Altantic City showcase and they got signed for a re-release of their KINETIC single and "The War Outside" album, with full PR on-board too! Friends and family were called upon to play extras in scenes of their music video throughout November and December (I acted out in their second and final locations). This is their pre-recording announcement video:

Fun fact: Danny, the one I play fashion designer assistant for, has a twin brother, David, who's a virtuoso in editorial and bridal photography, and also making videos. David was on-board to make Otenki's first music video "GHOSTS" a while back, in 2011 I believe. My networking in Houston reached one of its first "full circle" events (I mean that in a way that I work with these two separately but once I realize they know each other and it "completes" the circle). Through working with all the fans and friends and the band members, I got to meet and befriend Darren Thompkins, the creator of The Houston Zombie Walk, Fausto (lead guitarist of Otenki), and Enoma (rhythm guitarist of Otenki) and Robert Gouner ("Goon" or as I call him: "Goonie") - who I've actually been Facebook friends with for some time as he's supposed to be my photographer on favor of my other photographer, Tobias. This was just the first time we've met face-to-face.

Otenki's "KINETIC", originally planned to release January 14, was pushed back for a January 23 premiere: you can watch it by clicking this this link. They're on VEVO now! The video is edited and produced by OC Productions with Orlando Briones as the director, and Cristopher Rodriguez co-directing (friendly guys, these guys!). In February, Otenki was also featured in Houston's very own Houston Press under the article title "Big screen dreams" - the music video was projected onto a 22 foot screen at Winston's at Washington Street (reservations provided by Darren Thompkins). Fun all around!

Of course I'd be in an alternative rock music video, am I right? Right? Yeah. 

They're great people, and everyone on set are great people. People would take into account the "WOW!" factor of being in a music video and rubbing elbows with cool folks, but I find happiness in just being in the presence of people coming together to work on something supportive of the artistic community...which in Houston, is really lacking (but coming to the fore as of late, especially with the rising popularity of The Houston Zombie Walk!). 


"KINETIC (The War Outside)"

So to finally answer the question after painting the history and timeline of my adventures with Otenki as a band, 
my favorite part of the recordings was being part of something bigger than me. That, and all the private jokes involved with this select group of members: how I look like Michaela Conlin without makeup, how Ricky Ortiz is BASICALLY the Mexican Wolverine/Hugh Jackman, and how Adam Elara of Southerland Nights looks like Vic Fuentes. When we started singing Disney musical numbers as it started getting dark out - led by Dustin and Ricky. How whenever any of us needed to use the restroom at the local gas station (who got a lot of business from us!) - Ses, Tayvon, Sarah and I, would tip-toe avoid the hecklers and street bums on our way there. During the "battle scene" - how Darren and I agreed to take each other on (he's taller than 6 foot, you know!)! Oh and, Arrow! THE FRIENDLY ATTACK DOG! 

Here are some extras!
 photo otenki.png
Fausto is the guy in the gas mask shaking me! All gas masks were provided on set, by Robert Gouner (Goonie).

 photo otenkiricky.jpeg
If you don't see the face of a Mexican Hugh Jackman, youse a liah!

 photo otenkime.jpeg
Moi, drenched in all black with no makeup on~ The video asked for a rugged revolutionary look so I followed commands. Aye aye!
 photo otenkidanny.jpeg
Danny and I, with him using me as a human mannequin to adjust his menswear F/W 2013 collection - all the while sticking pins and needles into my arm and sleeve.


 photo 4d7562ff-e290-44f8-8d46-08d40c6f77ec.jpg


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