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Thrifted goods: 3/31/14

Since my blog is finally up and running, the grunt of the work is finally done and over (praise be, praise be) so it's smooth sailing from here on out. And I miiiiiight've just broken into song (specifically Queen of the Stone Age's "Smooth Sailing") in my head whilst typing that.

In a very technical sense, this is my first actual "a day in the life of" post, because today I immersed myself in one of my favorite past times:

Thrifting, not drifting. *winkwink*

Honestly, Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" might've been a lyrical documentation of my thrifty side - minus the walking into da club with whaddup, I got a big *cuckoo!* because though I may be Texan, I don't own a farm. My life, but in an eclectic rap-meets-Harlem Shake sort of breakdown (I swear everyone's doing the Harlem Shake in the MV). And I partake in lurking around and in racks of consignment shops (Buffalo Exchange, Plato's Closet, and something local to Houston: Taxi Taxi) and donation centers (Goodwill - which I am now avoiding because of their unethical treatment towards their employees, and Salvation Army).

Today's haul is from Salvation Army, which literally is the "thrift shop down the road" for me (thanks Macklemore):

 photo methrift.jpeg
Mischief managed! After some snooping around at SA, I got some knee-high lace-up Converse and Celebrity Pink Jeans for a total of under $16!

 photo methrift2.jpeg
Should I mention the LEATHER texture?! J'ADORE.

 photo methrift3.jpeg
Please excuse my wonky image decorating app. On another fantastical note: they're lightly worn! You can still see the tread marks, but for some reason only the edges have the most wear.

The faux leather Chuck Taylors were $14 after taxes and the jeans were off the 99-cent rack. I'm completely confident and happy with my purchases - I love these Chucks and happily await the day I can suit up with them on my feet. The material, the quality, is just OOOH!!! I'm a sucker for well-made products, and for good reason too: Converse is so, so established in the timeless fashion brand sense (something we call "brand equity" in Marketing) and the skater clique (I prefer Vans for longboarding). That, plus in part that I like to weigh out my options since I'm buying secondhand goods. But even so, even my shopaholic self can manage restraint! 

I'll actually be cutting up the jeans into shorts and them embellishing them as a DIY project (which I will also use as a post feature!) for the summer and festival season coming up. Hooray, craftiness!

Also: Get pumped up! Tomorrow I'll be posting my first cosmetics/beauty post and the theme of it is everyone's favorite iconic shade: reigning Reds (incidentally this is what I'm going to name the post too!). If I haven't directly stated it, but I'm sure all the readers sense it: I am really corny and have names (and commentary) for everything.


 photo 4d7562ff-e290-44f8-8d46-08d40c6f77ec.jpg


Kiss & Make-up said...

Oh I LOVE those high Converses :-D I'd so wear those.

Dementeria said...

Still super jelly about those converse. You are so lucky -warmkitti

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