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I'll start, ceremoniously: Diana Maria here, and I bid all thee hello, my lovelies! Welcome to "The Reader Model"! 

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(I really... really enjoy decorating photos, a la Puripika style.)

Before we begin: What's a reader model, you ask? As someone who enjoys the gyaru and decora subcultures of Japanese fashion, "reader models" are commonplace on the covers of best-selling magazines targeted towards teenage readers - and wield CONSIDERABLY more power than a reader model would in the States. A reader model is not a simply "cover model", like the actresses, socialites, and models on Seventeen, Glamour, or Allure. Reader models are POWERHOUSES! - and actually a force of sales and marketing. It's the reason why "reader model" is a term retained by the gyaru community - they're BIG in Japan. It's a little hard to put the thoughts into only words, so let's let the visuals kick in (the following pictures are pulled from Google Images):

This is Kumicky (her real name is Kumiko Funayama) and her adorkable face, smiling from a March issue of Popteen!
From an objective point of view, I believe she's the "it" girl of Popteen spreads all over Japan as of late - I've noticed more and more of her since 2010. She appears on the cover more often than say, Okarie (other reader models that may or may not belong to Popteen)?:

 photo kumicky.jpg

And this memorable face is Tsubasa Masuwaka, or as Japan deems her: "the billion yen gyaru".
She collaborates with the famous cosmetics brand Koji and is the face of the sub-brand Dolly Wink and Candy Doll! She used to model for Liz Lisa (a proprietary brand in Japan known for it's "shabby chic" gyaru styles), still models for S-Leg brand socks I believe, and was a spokesperson for Palty and Pocky earlier in her career. Her track record, charisma, and grounded approach to business is why she's in my Top 5 role models. c:

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This is Tsubasa with Yui Kanno (left) back in 2009, who also markets the make-up brand Melliesh. You see their familiar faces, and you just want to SNATCH UP! the mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, or whatever they're endorsing in a heartbeat. P!nk and Liv Tyler of Maybelline have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on these gals!

 photo yuitsuba.jpg

Basically, what these "reader models" do is generate a lot of hype and interest in products by modeling in clothes, sharing beauty tips and secrets on notable magazines like PopSister, Popteen, egg, BLENDA, etc., and even run blogs to connect with their fans and readers! They're a business in themselves.

In the global way, YouTubers, vloggers, and bloggers alike are reader models too! Michelle Phan, for example, is a reader model. She may not MODEL per se, but she does generate interest in cosmetics and the like (ex: her brand Em) that she uses in tutorials. Big-timers who do the same are Temptalia (the beautiful Christine) and the Muse (Musings of a Muse). 

So, a reader model: A reader model is a spokesperson for THEMSELVES. Male or female, doesn't matter. They are the ones who INSPIRE. Along the way they accumulate interest to the self, like fans, friends, sponsors, or even business partners, but they always stay true to their passions on a personal and professional atmosphere, and never, ever let anyone talk them out of who they are - or otherwise. They're human connection in a very artificial, technology-ridden world. 

How does that relate to ME, my blog, "The Reader Model"? 
My blog is a lifestyle blog, all in all, and all-encompassing in the fields of PR, entertainment, music, fashion, beauty/cosmetics, and I really hope to reach out to people just by being me. What you can expect are correspondence/collaboration posts with fellow bloggers, beauty reviews (I'm not a MUA! I can't possibly do tutorials!), LOTDs ("look-of-the-days"), travel experiences, fun events to go to in my city, friendly promotions, and things precious and personal to me.

On an ending note, "The Reader Model" has been in the wings of development for a couple of months now, a vision that's been floating in the ether of my imagination. The idea has been dancing around a labyrinth of "I'll get to it eventuallys" in due part to an ingrained Goldilocks-esque mentality of getting it "JUST, JUST RIGHT" and now, here we are! Better now than never, right? 

I'll be doing a "get to know the girl" follow-up post after the break!


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