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Get to know the girl: Diana Maria

Name: Diana Maria Nguyen
Nicknames: (deep inhale) Doodle, D, DD, Di, Lady Di, Princess, Queenie, Diana Banana, Rocket (I had bright auburn hair once), Red, pejoratively "Disney Star", Coconut, Danish, Blondie (I was also blonde some time), Crazy Cat Lady, Lionness/Lion Hair Lady (do you know how much hair I have no you don't and you don't want to know either)
Birthday: January 19 (Capriquarius cusp - yes, I do enjoy astrology!)
Resides in: Houston, TX / Hometown: Port Arthur "Aurora", TX
Major: Concurrently undecided and floating through the universe, but planning on Social Psychology and Marketing for next semester
Notable things: I like networking and plan on doing PR now and in the future; I am Danny Nguyen's sometimes assistant; I have an Etsy shop start-up in the process; I eat fries with my ketchup and not the other way around

If I could describe my personality in 3 words: Cheerful, quirky, spunky

 photo meget.jpeg
Prepare yourself for a blog full of bad-res #selfies. Don't say I didn't warn ya.
Let's skip all the formalities now that the introductory post is done and over with: I am special in every pejorative sense of the word. I am the kind of girl who will interrupt my own conversation with someone to scream "I LOVE THIS SONG!" and then make a bee-line to be underneath/near the speakers pounding the music to bask in the ambiance. If I don't know the song, I will proudly whip out my phone and Shazam all the musical appreciation I have for it out of it. No I don't care if anyone sees me because of how conspicuous I am. I am the kind of girl who will drink chocolate caramel coffee at 2AM and be totally be at peace for pulling an all-nighter scrolling through Tumblr and not be that exhausted the day after. In a crowd, I will start singing Les Miserable numbers and whoever sings along, are the individuals who compose "my people". Theater geekette, musical theater geekette. I am an alto. When I am bored, I will take your phone and create an entire album of just selfies of just me (a whopping 3 people can vouch for me on this). I am also the kind of girl - if I find my friendship with you to be of much emotional value to me - to overburden you with chatty helpfulness. It's my inclination. I'm a Chatty Kathy, so sue me. There's also the habit of seeing the world though rose-tinted glasses - that life is one big adventure and a miraculous artistic process

I am a illustrator in a pen-and-paper sense. I am also better articulated writing than I am speaking because my mind's shooting off into a hunna-million directions at once and I trip over words and ideas like a ditz would on air. Sounds awfully dreadful - but it happens. The metaphysical, psychological, and emotional realm are my especial province so I am also the kind of friend to wax poetic about philosophies with you until 4AM. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day because lovelovelovelovelove and after-Valentine's Day sales at Target with their cutecutecute V-day themed wares. With that being said, my favorite colors are the trifecta of Valentine's day: Pink, red, and purple. All shades and hues in-between. 

The Pokemon 2000: The Movie scene where Ash turns into a Gorgon-like stone and Pikachu is in denial of his symbolic "death" GETS ME. EVERY. TIME. That, and Miyazaki movies. I ship Haku and Chihiro (Spirited Away) so, so hard. I have commentary for everything (like, why is Benny Benassi's album art for "Electroman" a constellation of a BANANA?). My hyperactivity is also the result of a lot of frenetic, nervous energy. Or you could just say I'm ADHD. I might seem comfortable with myself in your wake, but trust me, I'm akin to a Venus flytrap: prod me enough and I'll open up to you. 

 photo meget2.jpeg
Moi, taking a selfie while on webcam because The Chainsmokers got to me.

 photo meget3.jpeg

 photo meget4.jpeg
Pretty sure this is a Jim Carrey impression from The Mask days. (Who are we kidding, I'm just a goofball.)
At times, I dabble in the dark arts of video gaming, beauty, fangirling and punking out at concerts, and longboarding. Did I say the "dark arts"? Yes. Because they are very much the dark arts. (Come with me to the dark side. It's so, so fun. Especially when someone has a blacklight and we're all wearing glow-in-the-dark jewelry.) I prefer my eyeliner to be the color of my soul: black. Pitch black. 

Coming up, I've gathered questions from friends of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to answer for Part II of "Get to know the girl"!


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