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Getting some R&R, with a treat!

Is it me, or does everyone else have Cath Kidston-esque floral print as their blog background, too? Did I just hop unknowingly unto this blogger trend or did I get a headstart?

In any such case, for the last month or so I've hitched onto the life of a hermit. A turtle. I stick my head out in public every so often ever so gingerly. The fast-lane life of ambition and career climbing will has left me, at least momentarily. This isn't so much a blunder or "slump", I just burst through with liveliness periodically and then fizzle out like a Roman candle. Someone light me up again!

I've just become an avid thrill-seeker (I'm really bored with how predictable approaching-adulthood can be, okay???) and people are mistaking it as being some pervert weirdo (yes, I DO think seeing my guy friends in coconut bras and grass hula skirts would be HIL-ARIOUS). I just don't want to fall into the trap of a 9-to-5 and then drinks with coworkers after and dancing dirty and sweaty in unappetizing clubs - I'm sure most would agree.

Since summer started nearly a week ago (BUH BYE AND SO LONG, FINALS!) I've been catching up on shows without mercy. The world is involved with a strangely acceptable polyamorous relationship with Netflix, I'm sure. The first show was Season 3 of FOX's New Girl (IT'S THAT CHICK FROM 'FREAKS AND GEEKS'!) and I'm left wondering who to drop this jewel of a line: "God, you frost my cookies" on. If you don't love or appreciate the sprinkling of fantastic one-liners in New Girl--sorry, we can't be friends. It's harsh reality. And if you're too busy criticizing how "stupid" it is, well, reality check: it's not supposed to be hyper-intelligent either. It's entertainment, don't overthink it.

Zooey is such a PYT, so for you beauty mavens out there here's a look into the set make-up Zooey has on as she plays Jess in New Girl: 

This is the photo Makeup411 uses, credit of Fox Entertainment. Link here!

The article mentions French director Jean-Luc Godard (Une Femme est Une Femme, Breathless, Vivre La Vie) as inspiration--and I do see the non-fussy, innocent-but-seductive elements from Anna Karina's character in Une Femme est Une Femme! Very reminiscent of Nabokov's "Lolita" intrigue.

Film/television is very inspirational to me when it comes to beauty (one of the last films I've seen in cinema was American Hustle, and the fashions, character designs, character story arcs were utterly breath-taking) so I'd thought I'd share a bit of my interest with my readers. c:
Except, y'know, I think everyone's overtly obsessed with Solange manhandling Jay-Z with Beyonce standing aside like a onlooking statue in an elevator. Something like that.


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